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Trade Show

At MINExpo 2016, Caterpillar had an opportunity to inform close to 45,000 people about the scope of its technology offerings. As the key partner in the development of Caterpillar’s trade show experience, we dedicated a corner stage area to this topic — designing the space, developing the content and finding interesting ways to engage audiences.

technology stage

Five large stations were developed to present a deeper level of information. Content was activated by placing a product-specific card on the surface of an embedded multi-touch touchscreen.

technology monoliths for minestar products technology monolith interactive screens

We designed a custom mining trivia app to draw and keep crowds. Participants answered questions on iPads that interacted with the large screen, which featured a running leaderboard. Branded prizes were awarded for each round.

trivia game on the technology stage trivia game on the technology stage technology screen cloth giveaway

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